How Marcole Gift Registry compares to competitors

Marcole Gift Registry Software Advantages

Advantages Marcole Others
Latest robust Java solutions
No third party, scripting languages.
Hosted at a state of the art data center
Managed 24/7 by network engineers.
Fully Branded
Our time tested and recently updated software
Easy Integration
We integrate seamlessly and at real-time with many credit card gateways.
Our in-store applications and web applications are fully customizable
Able to fully integrate with your item inventory and current ecommerce solution.
Our Kiosk solutions
Are fully integrated into the gift registry solution, including customizable printing.
In-store scanning
With third party scanners and our white-labeled mobile app.
POS integration
Branded mobile app
For gift registry can be added to the bundle.
Enables our customers to sell online.
Hosted Website solution
All for a low price.
Marcole has 26yrs experience
Implementing gift registry from Large retailers like Hudson Bay to small independently owned locations.
Unmatched domain knowledge in gift registry.
Constantly upgraded
Running on enterprise level software solutions and hardware.
US based
Tech support both by phone and email M-F.
Gift registry reports
Available as part of the core product
Allows retailers to maintain update items via web browser.
Registry Manager
Allows retailers to access, update and modify any registry
Permission based log on
Also could be integrated with ldap
For synching item data nightly, hourly, or realtime.
Restful APIs
For accessing/managing registries.