System Overview

The Independent Retailer Edition of Gift RegistryWorks is a low cost hosted, modular gift registry and wish list solution, designed for the retailer with one to twenty-five stores.

Gift RegistryWorks for the Independent Retailer, enables smaller businesses to compete effectively and increase sales - with a contemporary multi-function, market-proven, in-store and Internet gift registry solution, without investing in custom software or special hardware. All that is needed is a PC with a web-browser and an Internet connection.

Offers all the features and functionality National Department and Chain-Stores provide

  • Low Cost.
  • Nothing to Install.
  • Great ROI.
  • Mix, and Match Features.
  • No Contract - Cancel Anytime.
  • In-Store and Online.

Pay Only For Your Successes!
Gift RegistryWorks for the Independent Retailer enables you to compete with the big guys... without an IT department and without the high costs. Low cost and modular, you pick only those components you need and add to the system as your needs grow. No long-term contract - low monthly fee structure - cancel anytime.

Capture Gifts for All Occassions!
Gift Registry is not just for weddings anymore. People are registering for baby showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas and graduation. Gifts range from a beautiful diamond necklace to that perfect power tool.

Capture Out-of-Town Business!
Internet purchasing for registered gifts has risen over 400% in the last 5 years. Don't miss out on your part of the pie. Gift RegistryWorks has a secure, easy to use shopping basket.

Create New Business!
It's simple. When people register at your store, new gift purchasers will either visit your website or walk into your store. Statistics show that 30% of these customers will buy something in addition to the registrant's gift and many of them will return a second time.

Provide the Customer Service Expected Today!
Offer your customers the ability to create and manage their own gift registries and wish lists online from the comfort of their home or office. Gift RegistryWorks enhances your personal touch, it doesn't replace it.

Save Hours with Registry Tools!
Gift RegistryWorks offers easy management of item information. This allows you to simply enter a SKU number and Gift RegistryWorks will fill in all the item descriptions, size, color, price etc. You can even attach images. Better yet, you can add a wireless barcode scanner for you or your customers to walk the store and select items.

Integration with Existing Systems!
Optional utilities facilitate automated item and price updates in addition to automated updates of registry purchases from POS.

Personal Branding!
Incorporate your logo, your colors and your images and connect Gift RegistryWorks directly to your website.

Build a Website!
If you do not have a website yet, Marcole will develop one for you for under $600, and host it for only $15/month!

Trust the Software!
Marcole has created gift registry software since 1991. We have installed systems in major department and chain stores. But we also understand the needs of the smaller retailers. That's why we created this affordable special version that is easy to use, requires no special computer knowledge, is modular and can grow with your business.


Marcole's Gift RegistryWorks In-Store Solution allows retailers to easily manage their bridal gift registries and wish lists.

  • Easily create, update and print registries.
  • Record sales and purchaser information.
  • Wireless scanners can optionally be used to add item to registries.
  • In-store-self service options are available.
  • Produces reports.
  • Optionally interfaces with point-of-sale and inventory systems.

Marcole's Gift RegistryWorks Hosted Option extends the In-Store system capabilities to the web. With the use of a professionally designed interface, retailers can brand their registry changing the background color, personalizing the images on the home page, adding their logo, contact information, and a link to their website. Customers and registrants are able to create, update and retrieve registries anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Secure e-commerce
If desired, gift givers can purchase items through secure e-commerce, enabling retailers to reach customers anyplace in the world. Marcole provides the Independent Retailer Internet Option as a hosted service reached through the retailers' web site. With affordable monthly fees, Marcole's Gift RegistryWorks Internet Option provides a turnkey multi-function on-line Gift Registry system.

Multi-store synchronization
For retailers with multiple stores, a store synchronization option is available to insure that up-to-date registry information is available in all stores.

Optional Utilities
Point Of Sales System (POS) Interface: Marcole's optional POS sales processing utility applies sales to the registry database. Some modifications of the POS system will be required to capture gift registry sales data and place it in a file format, as specified by Marcole. Retailers may need to contact their POS vendor about modifying their POS system prior to purchasing this option.

Note: In the event that data cannot be extracted, Gift RegistryWorks Registry Manager contains a simple manual entry screen for updating sales.

Item Load Option: Marcole's optional Item Load Utility enables product descriptions and prices to reside on the gift registry system eliminating duplicate data entry. Implementation requires item data to be placed in a file format provided by Marcole and accessible by Gift RegistryWorks. Retailers may need to contact their system vendors about extracting the item data from their existing system to initially load the item file. On-going file extracts for new or changed item data should also be considered. This Option should not be purchased prior to confirming that the required data can be provided in the specified format.

Note: In the event existing inventory systems cannot be modified, Gift RegistryWorks - Item Maintenance can be used to manually enter and update items.

System Requirements

Gift RegistryWorks is designed for the small to medium size retailer, and therefore does not require expensive hardware components or complicated system configurations. The system is scalable and modular allowing each retailer to determine the best Gift Registry system for his or her business

A web-browser compatible with: Internet Explorer version 9 or above, latest Chrome, Safari and Firefox. A Internet connection is required. Any Windows compatible printer can be used. The PC may be shared with other applications.

Gift RegistryWorks Independent Retailer Internet Edition is hosted by Marcole and seamlessly linked to a retailer's URL or business website. (If you do not have a site we can build a low cost one for you - see the price list for details.) The graphical user interface screens are branded with the retailer's logo and contact information. No third party advertising or links are included or permitted. The store must have Internet service, preferably DSL or Cable, if available. A store URL (website address) and email account is also required.

How To Order

Contact [email protected] (888) 885-3939 to schedule a personal web demo.

Calculate Your Return-On-Investment!
Now you can have what the big guys have, for a fraction of the cost! Let us show you how much money similar retailers are making with Gift RegistryWorks. Give us a call at 888.885-3939.

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